Figaro Pho

is an Australian film industry award winner for best children's  animation . It comprises of 26 one minute episodes of full cg character animation.

The original series was a project that I played a large role in from the very beginning, helping to seal the success of the initial pitch for funding and also later driving the look of the series in early development, always pushing to lift the quality expectations within the team.

The series was done on a very modest budget, and I mean modest ! with a very small team of artists who quite frankly put more in than they ever got out of it in the end Im sad to say.

My contribution to the show included modelling some 11 character assets, most of which were based on 2d artwork ( as well as dozens of props and sets) as well as rigging/texturing a similar number of them including the  figaro character. I also guided the look development and episode color palettes from the early stages taking inspiration from some of the comics atrists I admire.

I also  ran approximately 7 minutes of cloth simulations of figaros shirt and shorts ( only  my 7 episodes had this..go figure  ) and other general problems solving TD work to get the show across the line.

Finally I animated 7 of the 26 episodes  which was approximately  7 minutes of animation often with several characters in shot . 





personal work highlight reel below



The show was not without its problems,  but nevertheless it still went on to win an AFI award which I personally am immensely proud of and evidently has been funded once again in a follow up long form series.



Below are some random pictures of characters and so on.